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Ingenious Effective Safeguards

What is a Safeguard?

We use the following graphic to explain what is a Safeguard…

We also explain the variety of types of Hazards (sources of energy) with this graphic in our 5-Day TapRooT® Advanced Root Cause Analysis Team Leader Course…

Are All Safeguards Created Equal?

All Safeguards serve a purpose. Are all Safeguards created equal? No!

How can you use this knowledge when you create corrective actions?

Stronger Corrective Actions (Safeguards)

One of the concepts we teach in TapRooT® Training is that you should consider implementing the strongest Safeguards possible when developing corrective actions. This is especially true when the incidents involve high-risk sources of energy.

One Example of a Stronger Safeguard

At an airport, an airline employee was killed when their foot and leg were crushed by a jet bridge wheel.

The initial corrective actions were:

  1. Re-emphasize the rule to keep clear the moving jet bridge wheels while the jet bridge is in motion.
  2. Have a spotter to watch for people around the wheels whenever the jet bridge is moved.

These Safeguards are both low (a 5 or a 6) on the Safeguard Hierarchy.

What could they do? Here is a picture of a jet bridge in Frankfurt, Germany…

Jetbridge Safeguard

Do you think this Safeguard will be more effective?

Second Example of a Stronger Safeguard

Last week I was talking with someone who had a friend in high school that lost two fingers while using a table saw in shop class. What were the safeguards?

Be careful!

Did you know that there are over 60,000 table saw accidents each year? Obviously “be careful” isn’t an adequate Safeguard. (And it is definitely a 6 on the hierarchy above.)

What is an ingenious, effective Safeguard? Watch the video below and learn…

What do you think? At least a 3 on the Safeguard Hierarchy.

Use Effective Safeguards

If you have attended a TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Course, let this be a reminder to implement effective Safeguards as part of your corrective actions.

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