February 23, 2024 | Marcus Miller

9 Ways to Improve Your Investigation and RCA Skills


If improving your investigation and root cause analysis skills is a goal of yours, then “Improving Investigations and RCA Skills” is the TapRooT® Summit Track for you. Join us at the 2024 Global Summit!

I’ll go through the sessions in this track and provide links to session pages and video descriptions so you can dive deeper.

1. Learn how to collect better information and minimize bias.

First up is ICBM Part 1: Advanced SnapCharT® Diagram Techniques. TapRooT® Users know that a SnapCharT® is many things: a planning tool, a timeline, and a central repository for information collection. In this session, you’ll learn advanced techniques for developing a SnapCharT® in a complex investigation: The 1980 Damascus Titan Missile Explosion. Plus, learn how faulty reasoning causes problems during the critical first steps of building a SnapCharT®.

2. Learn a new, faster, and better way to identify Causal Factors.

The next session will build on the first. During the ICBM Part 2: Advanced Causal Factor Techniques, you’ll see a new method for identifying the Human Errors or Equipment Failures that caused the incident or made things worse to improve your RCA skills. Those errors and failures are the causal factors that need to be analyzed to determine the root causes of the incident so effective corrective actions can be implemented, verified, and validated. This important skill will help ensure you find the right problems to solve to prevent repeat incidents.

3. Learn how to use a new safeguard evaluation wheel for better Corrective Actions.

And speaking of corrective actions, the third session covers best practices for getting stronger corrective actions from your investigations. You also get an overview of the new safeguard evaluation wheel with hands-on practice. It is a Corrective Action Workshop that will give you hands-on experience.

4. Learn best practices from other TapRooT® Users.

The fourth session that will help you improve your investigations and RCAs is a round table discussion. The panelists will be sharing how they have adapted the TapRooT® Methodology and Tools to achieve results by improving culture, improving lock-out/tag-out procedures, effectively utilizing Equifactor®, and more. You’ll leave this session with Unique Ways to Use TapRooT® so you can continue to mature your TapRooT® Program to ensure the strongest ROI possible.

5. Learn how your legal team can help you improve your investigations.

Our fifth session will help improve your investigations that involve legal issues. Partnering with Law In Your Investigations will give you ideas on how best to collaborate with your legal team as you go through the TapRooT® Process.

6. Cultural issues: learn how to bridge the gap.

The sixth session is focused on improving your investigations when cultural issues are present. Our session presenter will discuss how they are Capturing Cultural Differences using the TapRooT® RCA Process so more effective corrective actions can be applied.

7. Learn how to implement your best ideas and improve your RCA skills.

By the time we get to our seventh session, you’ll have great ideas about improving your investigations and RCAs. I’ve been to many educational events and everything I attended looked and sounded great. I had every intention of implementing ideas when I got back to work. But once I got back to the office, work was normally piled up and all the great ideas and momentum took a backseat to the urgent work. To help you overcome that type of challenge, we put a session together to help you Implement Your Best Ideas when you get back to the real world.

8. Improve your interviews by learning how to decode body language.

Our eighth session to help you improve your investigations and RCAs will help you gather the evidence you need for an EFFECTIVE RCA. Investigative Interviewing: The Psychology of Nonverbal Communication will help you learn how the nonverbal behavior of the witness and the nonverbal behavior of the investigator influence the interview. You’ll be on your way to collecting better quality and quantity of information during your interviews.

9. Do you have a backlog of improvements? Learn how to manage and implement them!

Our final session, Managing Your Improvement Backlog [Resource Scheduling] will have our own Mark Paradise discuss his experience as the developer and manager of an Integrated Living Schedule as part of a backlog management and performance improvement program.

You can register for the Improving Your Investigations and RCA Skills Track or any of our other 6 tracks. We have 5 to 7 sessions running concurrently every day so the tracks make it easy for you to ensure every session is a valuable experience. You can always choose your experience session by session to customize your experience. To see all the TapRooT® Summit has to offer, go to our Summit Page. You’ll see all the details and you can register using this link.

If you would like to schedule a TapRooT® Briefing and Demonstration to help you evaluate TapRooT® Training and Software, shoot me a message at marcus@taproot.com.

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