April 21, 2021 | Mark Paradies

Important Reading Material


Why is reading the Root Cause Network™ Newsletter important? The information you gain could help you:

  • Save lives and prevent serious injuries
  • Save your company big $$$
  • Help your company avoid a serious quality issue
  • Gain new ideas to improve quality and achieve excellence
  • Find your next job

Why do I say that? Because articles published in the weekly Root Cause Network Newsletter contain important information. (Just click on a few of the samples below to see  what you could learn.)

Stopping the Normalization of Deviation with the Normalization of Excellence – How Admiral Rickover Did It

Is Human Error a Root Cause? (Updated)

7 Secrets of Root Cause Analysis

Automation and Human Error

Conservative Decision-Making

How Can Blame Cause Accidents?

5 Tips to Improve Your CAPA Program

Scientific Method and Root Cause Analysis

Deciding When to Investigate a Precursor Incident (What’s in the Diamond?)


What Does Senior Management Need to Know About Root Cause Analysis to Keep Your Company Out of Trouble?

Needless Fatalities at U.S. Hospitals [Patient Safety]

Do You Waste Time Investigating Minor Incidents?

Guided Root Cause Analysis


Trending Oil & Gas Fatality Statistics

The “Root Cause Whisperer”

How To Plan a Major Accident Investigation

Stop the Sacrifices in the Mining Industry

Decisions That Get People Killed

The Experienced Accident Investigator Trap

Repeat Incidents – Why Do You Have Them? [Stop Them Now!]

Incident Investigation: Five Ways to Tell If Investigations Need Improvement

That’s more than enough examples. You probably found yourself distracted reading several of them. Hopefully you discovered several important ideas. And that’s what we want you to do when to read one or two of the articles from the Root Cause Netwoork™ Newsletter each week.

But of course, there more.

There are four other features in the newsletter that people enjoy.

First there is the “What Does a Bad Day Look Like?” (See, your day isn’t so bad.)

Then there is the “How Far Away is Death?” (Examples of what NOT to do.)

And there are the job postings…

And finally there is the Friday Joke…

With all these great features, the weekly Root Cause Network™ Newsletter is worth looking for in your e-mail box. Make sure you skim it all to see what’s in each edition.

The newsletter is published on Tuesdays. If you don’t already get it, you can register for it here:


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