August 22, 2011 | Barb Carr

Career Development: How To Get a Consensus in a Team Meeting

Picture this:  you’re sitting around the conference room table and everyone is expressing an opinion on an important business matter.  Common ground and a consensus needs to be reached but the more the matter is discussed, the tighter each individual clings to his or her own position.  Why is this happening?  Because people will naturally defend their individual positions and disregard contrary information!

How can this be avoided?  When there is an important matter to be discussed, make sure the meeting facilitator presents all the facts before opening the matter up for discussion.  Many times meetings are conducted the opposite way — with everyone chiming in before there is a clear picture of what the matter really is.

The decision will be the right one if the group hears all the details first and no one has to “save face” by pushing for a decision that is not the right one for the company.

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