October 26, 2011 | SRaycraft

How to Export/Import Your Investigations

Collaboration on an incident investigation can be simplified by knowing how to export your investigation and import it into another machine.  This allows team members to continue to work the investigation without having to recreate data.  It also aids in the creation of a single unified investigation to present to management.

Let’s look at how this is done in the TapRooT® software:

Exporting the Investigation

Starting from your Quick Launch Menu (Main Screen), select the investigation you wish to export and press the [OPEN] button which takes you to the 7 step process screen.

From here, select the [Open Investigation Info] button to enter the investigation editor.

On the bottom right side of the window, press the [Export] button to initiate the export process.

Name the file, select where you want it saved, and press the [SAVE] button to export your investigation.

**All TapRooT Investigations are stored as XML files with a .tx5 extension.

Importing the Investigation

To import an investigation, select Activities-ImportAudit/Investigation from the left side menu to bring up the Import Investigation/Audit File window.

Press the [Browse] button and navigate to the location of the investigation you are importing, highlight the file and press [Open] and then [OK] to complete the process. You will receive a dialog box that indicates the investigation has imported successfully.

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