February 23, 2023 | Susan Napier-Sewell

How far away is death? Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road, Greece


Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road, Greece

Patiopoulo-Perdikaki is a mountain road with a total length of 17.9 miles. Set in the northeastern mountains of Aetolia-Acarnania, Greece, the peril-fraught byway is known among drivers as one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

The drive is not one to take for joyride. This is a mountain road with many dangerous drop-offs. With drops that appear to be hundreds, if not thousands of feet to the side, experienced drivers should be the only ones attempting this route.

Source credit: White-Knuckle Driving, The Most Dangerous Roads in the World.

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How Far Away Is Death?
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