May 16, 2024 | Susan Napier-Sewell

How far away is death? Be ready for a small plane

Small plane crashes across GTA (Greater Toronto Area) road, narrowly missing traffic.

Sometimes, we see life and death pass before our eyes — like a small plane almost landing on our vehicle hood. Bill Chan in Markham, Ontario, was driving his tow truck in March 2019, when a white Cirrus SR20 came crashing across 16th Avenue near the Buttonville Airport, just in front of Chan’s hood. Chan captured the episode on his dash cam and said that he was lucky to be alive.

Chan posted the video to Instagram and told CBC News that it was his day off and he was en route to a family dinner when the incident occurred. You can catch Chan’s video below.

In the CBC News report, Chan said, “I was driving on the highway, I was picking up speed, and then the plane just came right in front of me. I tried to dodge it, and that’s when everything crashed.”

Chan observed that the plane came in from the side. He said he exited his truck to ascertain the safety of the plane’s occupants and watched them deplane. He mentioned that the aircraft was “approximately two car lengths” from his truck at the time it flew past and crashed.

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How Far Away Is Death?
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