October 1, 2019 | Barb Carr

How does your 2019 budget look?

Do you still have unused funds for training or software for this year?

In my previous life, the way my budget used to work is if I had funds earmarked that went unused, I risked losing that funding for the next year, so the drill was “use it or lose it.”  If you have funding left for this year, it is time to get your training scheduled; it never fails, we always have a “run for the bank” at the end of every year.

Beyond budget, do you have a goal to get people trained this year?  You are running out of time!

September-November is our busiest time of the year, and we do run out of instructors in some weeks during this time frame.  September is over, and October and November are almost full, so please contact us right away.

The first couple of weeks in December before the holidays are also available if we can’t get you scheduled in October-November.  Another option is you can schedule the training for 1Q20 and pay now before the budget year ends.

Contact us at 865-529-2139 or info@taproot.com to schedule your training!





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