November 16, 2022 | Becky Marambio

How do you know which RCA is right for you?


Are your RCA investigation results not meeting expectations? Are you spending precious time reviewing investigation reports that are not discovering the REAL root cause? Your investigation is complete but there are no effective corrective actions? Do you feel you are in a vicious cycle of doing the investigation work but not fixing the problem?

The RCA you need to consider is TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis!

  1. COMPLETE & SYSTEMATIC INVESTIGATION PROCESS. TapRooT® not only gives you the guidance to find the real root causes, but the process also includes guidance on implementing EFFECTIVE corrective actions. Who else does that? Doing the actual investigation is only part of the process.
  2. EXPERT SYSTEM: Based on years of human factors research, TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis provides structured guidance to your investigator. Your investigators don’t have to think of the questions. The TapRooT® System provides the questions based on the evidence gathered.
  3. CONSISTENT RESULTS: Because of the TapRooT® structured guidance, your investigator will get consistent results allowing you to track and trend across your organization.
  4. REMOVES INVESTIGATOR BIAS: Do you keep seeing the same root causes on the report? Answers like training, discipline, or procedures? Because of the structured guidance, TapRooT® removes that investigator bias leading you to the REAL root causes.
  5. REACTIVE & PROACTIVE USE: Don’t just think of the TapRooT® System as a tool for reactive use. It can also be used proactively for audits or anything else you are seeing in advance. Again, those magic questions guide your investigator.

So, how can you see and experience TapRooT® RCA to know if it is right for you We have options!

EXECUTIVE BRIEFING: Free 1-hour overview of TapRooT®. We go through an incident using the process. That way you can get an idea how TapRooT® RCA works.

Start with our 2-day course training:

PUBLIC COURSE ATTENDANCE: Check out our training at one of our public courses. Here is our current course schedule. There is a “filter” option to finetune your search. If you don’t see an in-person 2-day course that works for you, consider our 3-day Virtual course. It is the same as our 2-day course but taught over 3 days due to the virtual setting. Go back and use it on a previous incident, and you will see what better results you find using TapRooT® RCA. And probably more than just one root cause!

ON-SITE COURSE: If you have a group of about 10 or more, we can come to your setting/location and provide training exclusively for your group. With only your employees, it’s easier to discuss corporate issues you find.

BONUS INFORMATION: MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! Attend this course, go back to work, and use what you have learned to analyze accidents, incidents, near-misses, equipment failures, operating issues, or quality problems. If you don’t find root causes that you previously would have overlooked and if you and your management don’t agree that the corrective actions that you recommend are much more effective, just return your course materials and we will refund the entire course fee.

What have you got to lose?

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