December 31, 2013 | Barb Carr

How Can You Reduce your Workload Using TapRooT®?

Most people attend a TapRooT® course because they want to do better investigations. But wouldn’t it be better if you never had to do the investigations in the first place? 

So, how can you reduce your workload using TapRooT®? By using TapRooT® proactively!

We have a NEW 2-Day Pre-Summit Course scheduled for April 7 – 8, 2014, “Proactive Use of TapRooT®.”

Learn how TapRooT® can be integrated with your existing improvement programs and how to do investigations on processes and trends rather than individual incidents.  Also leverage the power of the Root Cause Tree® and Root Cause Tree® Dictionary in not only improving your programs but developing them as well. Here is the schedule for this 2-day course:


Being Proactive

What to measure, and what do you measure now exercise

Collection of information

  • Audit programs
  • Observations and BBS
  • Near Miss
  • Hazard reports

Basic Trending

Root Cause Analysis on Trends

Significant Issues

Audit Root Cause Analysis Exercise


TapRooT® Tools

  • SnapCharT®
  • Root Cause Tree
  • Change Analysis
  • Safeguards
  • CHAP
  • Equifactor®

Corrective Actions

The Generic Question

Basic Quality Tools and Continuous Improvement

Final exercise (Continuous Improvement Project Case Study)

REGISTER for this course and the 3-day Summit and save $200 here.

LEARN MORE about the Summit or download a brochure here.


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