October 6, 2021 | Mark Paradies

Guilty Plea – SCANA CEO – Prison Time

SCANA CEO Kevin Marsh

SCANA CEO Going to Jail

The Associated Press reported that SCANA CEO Kevin Marsh agreed with prosecutors to serve two years in prison for lying about the status of two nuclear plants that SCANA and Westinghouse were building – thereby defrauding investors and ratepayers. This is in addition to the $5 million in restitution that he has already paid. See the Channel 7 News report below…

What To Do When A Project Falls Behind and Goes Over Budget

Instead of lying and going to prison, what should you do if a project you are involved in gets behind schedule and goes over budget? I might suggest Admiral Rickover’s idea of facing the facts (now frequently called Conservative Decision-Making). Learn more about Conservative Decision-Making in the upcoming Stopping Human Error Course. CLICK HERE to see the upcoming dates and locations.

Another tactic that should be applied is to use advanced root cause analysis to understand the root causes of the schedule slippage/cost overruns and fix the root causes to prevent additional slippage. Perhaps if early problems had been identified, admitted to, analyzed, and effective fixes would have been developed, senior management might have avoided additional problems (and the delays that caused them). Then they would not have tried to hide the truth (cover up the delays) that eventually led to the prosecution and jail time.

Where Can You Learn About Advanced Root Cause Analysis?

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Don’t wait. Your CEO doesn’t want to go to jail!

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