August 16, 2017 | Mark Paradies

German Regulators Pull Pharmaceutical Manufacturing License for Bad Root Cause Analysis

Bad Root Cause Analysis In the Pharma Industry

How can bad root cause analysis get a pharmaceutical manufacturer in trouble? Read this article HERE.

To prevent this kind of problem, companies should adopt advanced root cause analysis that includes all the fundamentals of root cause analysis. The first step to using advanced root cause analysis to is to get your people trained. But AFTER the training, management must ensure that the system is being used, the results are being documented, and the corrective actions are getting implemented.

What Does Management Need to Know About Root Cause Analysis?

What does management need to know about root cause analysis? They should know at least as much as the investigators, and they need to know their role in a root cause analysis. That’s why we wrote Book 1:

Root Cause Analysis Leadership Book

TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Leadership Lessons

Get your copy now and make sure that you are managing your high-performance systems.

Also, we have a special course for managers about their role in root cause analysis. See more information about the course HERE.

Root Cause Analysis
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