March 1, 2024 | Susan Napier-Sewell

Friday Joke (Don’t lash out!)

Among the dos and don’ts of worklife: Avoid temptation to lash out, no matter how much you want to at the moment.

One of the things you don’t want to do at work (or anywhere else) is to lash out. We know it’s possible to become “hot under the collar” during a business encounter, particularly when the discussion relates to your job functions.

So what can you do when something arises that really could get you going?

  • Consider your own bag of possible stumbling blocks first: Is there a problem unrelated to work is an important one.
  • What can you do to improve work culture?
  • Have you spoken to your team or your boss about the problem?
  • Are you using emotional intelligence to guide your decisions, behavior/reactions, verbal/nonverbal actions?
  • Study your work/life balance; discuss it with appropriate parties; determine changes that will improve your balance.

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