January 5, 2007 | Mark Paradies

FRIDAY JOKE – Destination Sydney or Sidney? German Tourist finds out there is a big difference.

We’ve all made a typo before. But did it send you 13,000 km off course?

This “incident” is a great example of what a spelling error can do when using a computer.

Using the internet to book his ticket, the 21 year old German tourist wanted to go to Sydney, Australia. But he typed in Sidney.

The computer found a Sidney, Montana, USA, and found a routing to get him there. The tourist didn’t notice the route ENDED in the US – he thought he was flying THROUGH the US.

He punched the button and went to the airport in Germany thinking he would arrive in Sydney, Australia, where his girlfriend lived.

First stop Portland, Oregon.

OK – this may be an out of the way routing to go to Australia but who can tell what airlines will do.

Next stop Billings, Montana.

WHAT – Billings? This guy really needs a US geography lesson and a map.

But when he saw the commuter plan that was going to fly to Sidney (Montana), he knew it couldn’t cross the ocean and something was definitely wrong!

He spent three days in the chilly Billings, Montana, USA, airport before he got an additional $600 wired to him from his parents and friends so that he could buy a ticket from Sidney to Sydney.

Lesson Learned … Don’t trust the computer – it only does what you tell it to do!

I know I’m laughing at this mistake but I bet the guy from Germany wasn’t laughing …

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