August 10, 2012 | Barb Carr

Friday Joke: 10 Ideas for Car Customization on a Budget

1. Have a long drive ahead through rain or snow?  Choose deluxe manual windshield wipers. Great for keeping bored passengers busy.

2. Or, make your windshield sparkle with sponge customization.

3. Show off your eco-friendly lifestyle by recycling those old license plates.

4. Add Mercedes-Benz luxury to any vehicle at a significant cost savings.  (Some artistic skill required.)

5. This advanced burglar system will keep criminals from gaining entry.

6. Multi-task with the deluxe car door opener.  When not opening doors – eat your lunch on the road.  Pass the salad please.

7. For those who don’t ever plan to brake hard or have accidents, portable seats are the most economical way to go.  (Bonus:  Having a portable seat with you at all times means you never have to stand in a line again.)

8. Find your car in any parking lot, and maintain the ability to sweep glass or other tire hazards from any parking space.

9. Get relief from the summer heat with this custom cooling system.  With this much cooling power, you won’t even have to rush the ice cream home from the grocery store on hot summer days.  Place your frozen foods in the back seat, and take your time.  (Northface jackets are recommended for all passengers.)

10. And finally, if you’re like me and less mechanically inclined, duct tape is always in style.  Just peel, cut and stick!

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