April 12, 2021 | Emily Pritt

TapRooT® Wins Food Safety Software Award: A TapRooT® TV Video Premiere

Why Improve Food Safety

Food safety is something we all have our hands in. For example, cross-contamination can occur in commercial kitchens, facilities and packing plants, or even in your own home. We take prevention steps such as using gloves, handwashing, having clean utensils, and so forth. Still, equipment breaks or fails often – just ask a line cook on a Friday night when he’s in the weeds (buried in tickets) and the fryer stops working.

Commercial kitchens and other temperature-regulated facilities use words like the “danger zone” and may tote around clipboards to manually temperature check hot foods, the temperature-controlled cooking line, and fridges and freezers. Most companies take precautions such as these because they know of the dangers of foodborne illnesses and want to prevent any outbreaks.

Yet, outbreaks still happen. Most people have heard of listeria, salmonella, e-coli, and hepatitis. Imagine finding shrimp tails in your cereal. Yuck! Now imagine if that person had a shellfish allergy. Poisoning your customers usually leads to lawsuits and the potential for bankruptcy.

Additionally, you don’t want to pay potentially high fines to the FDA. You may remember the $25 million criminal fine that Chipotle paid as a result of food poisoning outbreaks across the US. If you don’t remember, read about it here.

Food Safety is More Than Food

Safeguards exist to prevent slips, trips, falls, drops, burns, cuts, and more. Most food companies invest a lot of time and money in safeguards to help make sure that product recalls don’t occur or that contaminated food does not find its way into the marketplace in the first place. At the same time, these same companies often fail to search for better – more cost-effective – safeguards and controls to ensure an equivalent, or higher, level of food safety.

Our ultimate objective is to help food manufacturing and other industries to improve performance by analyzing and fixing problems to prevent major accidents, quality issues, equipment failures, environmental damage, and production issues.

Mark Paradies, President of System Improvements, Inc.
and Co-Developer of TapRooT®

TapRooT® Wins Food Safety Software Award

We are excited to share that System Improvements, Inc., creator of the TapRooT® System, is recognized as a top food safety solution provider by Food & Beverage Technology Review.

TapRooT® helps food and beverage companies get to the root causes of food safety issues as well as improving industrial safety in the production facilities.

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Hungry for More?

We have more food safety information for you in the following:

The Food and Drug Administration Weighs In

In an investigation of the Fall 2019 romaine lettuce foodborne illness outbreak, the FDA recommended that greens growers:

  • Perform a root cause analysis when a foodborne pathogen is identified in produce and/or the growing environment.

The FDA says that their focus in response to an outbreak includes:

“…follow-up surveillance, advancing traceability and root cause analyses, and improving outbreak and recall communications.”

That’s good regulatory guidance.

Be Smarter

Most recently, the FDA brought attention to “The New Era of Smarter Food Safety.” Click below to read more.

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