June 13, 2013 | Barb Carr

FAQs about the 2014 Global TapRooT® Summit: Who Should Attend?



SAVE THE DATE! April 7 – 11, 2014

This monthly column covers some of the frequently asked questions we get about the TapRooT® Global Summit. Today’s question is:

Who should attend the TapRooT® Global Summit?

Answer:  Safety Professionals, Reliability Specialists, Risk Managers, Supervisors, Engineers, Mechanics, Quality Improvement Specialists, Managers, Operators, Doctors and Nurses, Safety Committee Members, Certified TapRooT® Instructors and Performance Improvement Specialists or anyone interested in:

Accident/Incident Investigations: Learn from global experts how to identify real, correctable causes of the accident so that improvements can be recommended to prevent the accident’s recurrence.

Improving Quality: Quality issues are similar to safety accidents but quality mistakes cause quality-related issues instead of injuries. Learn how to develop effective measures to ensure that the root cause of quality issues are addressed from our quality experts.

Stopping Equipment Failures: When human error or equipment failure leads to equipment downtime, root cause analysis techniques can be applied. Find out how to troubleshoot equipment problems to get better information about the equipment failure.

Operational Excellence: Any operational excellence failure can be analyzed using root cause analysis to understand the failure’s root causes and develop effective fixes to prevent recurrence.

There you have it in a nutshell! So save the date, April 7 – 11, 2014 in Horseshoe Bay, Texas! For more information about the 2014 Global TapRooT® Summit, visit the Summit website:


or REGISTER NOW at: https://www.taproot.com/taproot-summit/register-for-summit

Root Cause Analysis
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