June 4, 2007 | Ken Reed

Families of Patients Drive Efforts to Improve Patient Safety

Families of injured patients who are concerned and impatient with proactive improvement and medical error prevention are creating online communities to share safety strategies. Read more at The Wall Street Journal:

Patients, Families Take Up The Cause of Hospital Safety

These grassroots efforts for improved patient safety are a reminder that even though the culture of healthcare is shifting from blame and punishment to root cause analysis, it’s not changing fast enough. If you are interested in changing the culture at your facility and finding ways to help prevent errors and increase patient safety, visit our webpage for information about our 2-Day TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Course. Learn how to identify errors and anticipate what might cause these failures so they can be eliminated!

Positive change takes time, but together we can accelerate the forward motion toward the best healthcare practices!

Root Cause Analysis
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