November 21, 2013 | Barb Carr

Evidence Collection Course: How to Gather Information Needed for Your Root Cause Analyses

EvidenceEver have trouble completing a SnapCharT® because you lacked pieces of information?  There’s so much to remember when collecting evidence … and so much to lose if you don’t remember or just don’t know how to begin.

How do you ensure that evidence is documented upon discovery? (It will disappear if not documented when initially seen!)

How can you be certain what to collect? (Some things seem so unimportant!)

How quickly can your team make a plan to collect evidence at a scene? (Sometimes evidence collection contaminates the evidence!)

Knowing how to gather information is critical. That’s why we’ve developed a valuable 2-day course to help you navigate evidence collection with ease, The TapRooT® Evidence Collection Course.

We designed TapRooT® to help investigators find unbiased, evidence-based root causes but investigators must be prepared to collect all the evidence available as fast as possible, and to preserve all the evidence that collected. Anything less will make it difficult, if not impossible, to complete the essential SnapCharT®.

Become a pro at gathering information needed for your root cause analyses.  Learn more about the TapRooT® Evidence Collection Course or Register for this 2-day Pre-Summit Course and the 2014 Global TapRooT® Summit.

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