May 17, 2006 | Ken Reed

Equipment Reliability Success Stories

This may be hard to believe, but the 2007 TapRooT(R) Summit planning is almost complete! Mark has put together an awesome program, with 10 tracks guaranteed to appeal to everyone. The Equipment Reliability and Maintenance Best Practices Track in particular is looking better than ever. We’ve got some great topics:

– How “Minor” Mechanical Failures Lead to Major Accidents
– 7-Step Troubleshooting Method for Electronic Troubleshooting
– Developing and Adding Custom Tables to Equifactor(R)
– Equipment Reliability Best Practices
– Lessons From the Crime Scene – Evidence Preservation for Accident Investigation
– Proactive Use of Equifactor(R) to Improve Equipment Reliability

I’d like you take special note of the Equipment Reliability Best Practices topic. I’d like to use your examples of how you have used Equifactor(R) to improve the reliability and operability of your equipment. How much time and effort have you saved using Equifactor(R) to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot your expensive machinery? Let me know if you are interested in presenting your company’s experiences during the Summit. This is a great opportunity to “pat yourself on the back,” while at the same time helping others with their problems.

Equipment Reliability / Equifactor®
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