September 10, 2021 | Barb Carr

End of Year Performance Review

performance reviews

End-of-the-year performance reviews are upon us. Your boss let you know to be ready. “Just get it over with” is many times the thought that goes through your head.

Use it to your advantage!

Don’t go into the end-of-year performance reviews dreading it. Take advantage of this as an opportunity to ask for what you want, what you need, and the support you expect. Leaders and executives, take this as an opportunity to listen, learn, and provide support and guidance.

Performance reviews are important to maintain continuous improvement and achievement of your internal goals and objectives. Performance reviews play a strategic role in your team’s performance. They help you understand your goals and objectives as a professional. They allow you to open the floor to discussion around improvement, budgeting, and coaching.

Here are a few tips to help you create a better End of the Year Performance Review:

Frame Negative Feedback as an Opportunity for Improvement – Honesty is always the answer during your end-of-the-year performance review. Create a company culture of openness and honesty. In a leadership role, you should give effective feedback that is TIMELY, SPECIFIC, OBJECTIVE, & CONSTRUCTIVE.

Roadmap Strategic Goals and Plan to Achieve Them – Create a plan that not only finds the root cause(s) of the problems at hand but also fixes them with quality corrective actions. Find and present a solution to your boss. Schedule a free 1-hour Executive Briefing. TapRooT® is a systematic process to find and fix the root causes of audits/assessments, precursor incidents, and major accidents. It can be used proactively as well as reactively. Align your goals with company objectives and shoot for the stars. Be a part of the change you want to see in your company and take action. Consider your own career aspirations and goals during your end-of-year performance review. Who knows, it may win you a promotion.

Meet more often – Don’t limit yourselves to annual reviews. Meet quarterly or as you see fit. Goals and plans change. Your Roadmap on how to succeed changes. Budgets change. Meeting on a regular basis allows you to address problems as they arise and face them head on. You will see better results if you do this.

Become Equipped with the BEST Technology – Not only should you have a methodology that works for continuous improvement (like TapRooT® RCA), but you should also look into how to obtain intelligent technology for better investigations and continuous improvement. Welcome to the 21st century! Allow your meeting time and reviews to open the discussion for budgeting advanced technologies. Start your search here & book a demo today.

Last but not least, Ask for feedback – You are your companies greatest resource for improvement. Whether you are the executive in the performance review or the employee being reviewed, ask for feedback. You can learn a lot from one another and grow ultimately to achieve the same goal, EXCELLENCE!

Own It!

You got this.

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