March 4, 2014 | Barb Carr

Don’t Make a Decision You’ll Someday Regret – Join Our Community Today

1981 Louisville, Kentucky Sewer Explosion

1981 Louisville, Kentucky Sewer Explosion

Underestimating the power of projectiles, relying on your friends to lift you up, (or catch you when you fall), taking a shortcut –  these are all subtitles to funny videos recently posted by Mashable that underscore decisions people make that they immediately regret.

Here is a link to the videos:

On a more serious note, it reminds me of the weekly eNewsletter we put together – we include regular columns like “How Far Away is Death” and “Monday Accidents and Lessons Learned” and yes, we always include a joke for our readers too, but sometimes it takes looking at destructive consequences of actions that people take and later regret before we are inspired to make a change and keep our workplaces safer.

If you’re not a subscriber, won’t you join our community of experts around the world as we work together to change the way the world solves problems? Here is our recent weekly edition:

How Far Away Is Death?
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