May 8, 2019 | Susan Napier-Sewell

Do you have issues with human reliability? Join TapRooT® TV today

Human error is often the root cause of an incident. Sometimes errors are designed into the system . . . by, you guessed it, a human. And, if someone’s job is to watch you to make sure you are doing everything correctly, what is the typical verification track record? Join us as we premiere the last video in our TapRooT® Stopping Human Error series, Part 4. Today, we’ll hear from three TapRooT® professionals: Mark Paradies, Benna Hughes, and Ken Reed.

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After the video, take a deeper dive into learning about human error by reading Mark Paradies’ BLOG POST.

Below, you can catch up with last week’s TapRooT® TV discussion, Stopping Human Error, Part 3, with Benna Hughes and Mark Paradies:

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