September 10, 2022 | Barb Carr

How Companies Improve in Uncertain Times

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Management decisions made in uncertain times often have an unintended negative effect on performance improvement. Management tends to react in predictable ways with hiring freezes and budget cuts topping the list. Add to that indecisiveness driven by fear and a distracted workforce, and you have a recipe for an impending disaster. How can companies improve?

Consider these questions before you make improvement decisions:

  1. Could one major accident cause your company to close its doors?
  2. Would a string of minor mishaps cost your company significantly more than what’s saved after cutting improvement opportunities from the budget?
  3. Are you and other employees at your company distracted enough about the economic times that wastes, losses, inefficiencies, and injuries are more likely to happen?
  4. Are you willing to “wait and see” even if it costs someone’s job, or worse, someone’s life?

Companies improve by focusing on the proactive vs. reactive.

First things first: ensure your workers are safe. The health and safety of your workforce (including you) always come first. This requires a thoughtful review of where you are now and where you need to be.

What do your trending results with regard to safety tell you? More importantly than that, what initiatives do you have in place that put you in a proactive position? Stop thinking in terms of “we had zero injuries this month.” Sometimes, we just get lucky. Think more in terms of “what performance improvement initiatives will be most helpful in preventing incidents?”

We feel one of the best ways to improve in these uncertain times is to create an improvement team. Consider sending your team to the Summit.

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It’s time for you to be decisive . . . can your facility afford indecision or cut costs in performance improvement? Investing limited resources in improvement is a risk you cannot afford not to take.

Learn more about the Summit, and find out why this event pays for itself many times over.

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