May 2, 2007 | Ken Reed

Combining Process Mapping of Procedures with Job Safety Analysis

Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis are internationally recognized proactive safety tools that can take an organization’s safety program to the next level. Job Safety Analysis is one way to translate that hazard and risk information into task-specific steps that help the employee recognize and avoid the risks inherent in certain jobs. The challenge has always been to provide an end product that is useful enough that employees not only understand it and use it but also know how to revise it when situations change.

Dan Stevenson’s Summit presentation, “Combining Process Mapping of Procedures with Job Safety Analysis,” outlined one organization’s successful effort to develop immediately available procedures for all critical tasks that provide useable information about the risks of the task and the tools needed to reduce the likelihood of personal injury or damage to equipment. This Procedure Mapping process proactively uses the familiar TapRooT® tools and introduces other simple tools to provide a very, user-friendly process that is easily used by all employees.

~ Barbara

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