August 28, 2020 | Barb Carr

Coach Your Team to Success by Grading your Investigations

Incident investigators at every level of experience face challenges associated with their investigations. Coach your investigation team to maximize their capabilities and effectiveness. Better investigations and effective corrective actions reduce incidents and save lives.

An easy way to coach your team to do better investigations is look at the work they are doing now. However, we make it hard because we don’t always know what to look for and where the team can improve. What’s helpful is a systematic approach to evaluating an investigation.

Grade your Investigations

Learn how to coach your team effectively at our upcoming webinar. In just 90-minutes, learn to evaluate root cause analyses and incident investigations using a grading system developed by the TapRooT® folks. The system can be used directly in the TapRooT® VI Software (version 6.8 and beyond). Don’t have TapRooT® VI Software? No problem. You can use an Excel spreadsheet.

The next webinar is coming up on September 9th at 2 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time.


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