August 27, 2012 | Barb Carr

Career Development: How to Find a Job Using Twitter, Part 1

It’s common knowledge that you can use the LinkedIn social media network to find a job, but did you know you can also find a job on Twitter?

Instead of searching Twitter for relevant keywords or phrases associated with the job you seek, try searching for job-related hashtags.

The most popular hashtags for job seekers is #jobs. Companies seeking candidates through Twitter will use this hashtag because millions of people around the globe are looking for this hashtag 24/7.

Other hashtags that are worth searching are #hiring and #hotjobs. If you are trying to find a job near a certain city, use a hashtag like #NewYorkJobs or if you are trying to find a job in a certain industry, use industry hashtags like #engineerjobs.

For other hashtag ideas, visit Career Rocketeer.

Open your Twitter account and get started. Next week we’ll talk about another great way to use Twitter to find a new job.


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