July 22, 2013 | Barb Carr

Career Development Tip: How to Develop Resilience

One thing that is certain in life is change, and developing resilience is key to our ability to overcome negative twists of fate.

It’s important to develop resilience by taking care of our physical health and making space for a little down time each day whether that means taking a walk, sitting down to meal without any distractions or enjoying a hobby.  These actions contribute to our physical and emotional well-being, and the stronger we are physically and emotionally, the more resilient we become. Also, investing time into our relationships so that we have someone to turn to in times of trouble is also important to developing resilience.

Mindtools.com has an excellent article about how to develop resilience, including a discussion about the three main elements that resilient people possess:

1. Challenge

2. Commitment

3. Personal Control

Learn more by reading, “Developing Resilience – Overcoming and Growing from Setbacks.”

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