December 2, 2013 | Barb Carr

Career Development: One Way to Overcome a Common Obstacle to Your Professional Goals

With the New Year on the horizon, it’s time to think about professional goals for 2014. You may already be thinking about additional training that you could attend to enhance your career development (like the 2014 Global TapRooT® Summit!).

The problem with setting goals like these is getting over the obstacles. A common obstacle that causes us to push career development goals aside is that we are just too busy — the demands of the job take precedence.

How can we accomplish our career goals next year if we are weighed down with our day-to-day responsibilities?

Jack Zenger says, “involve your manager in your personal development,” and makes a special point to tell his readers not to inform our managers, but  to involve them.

Check out his three tips for getting your manager involved in his Forbe’s article:

Root Cause Analysis
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