October 11, 2018 | Anne Roberts

Caption Contest Winner!

And this months caption contest winner is…. Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrum-roll……


Congratulations to Dave Fisher!!

He Won with the comment, “Is this a lean manufacturing process?”


As always we have multiple entries that make judging the contest hard. So, in no particular order here are some of our honorable mentions.

  • “Not a Witchita Lineman …” – Dawn Blevins
  • “Yep, I’m squared!” – Claude
  • “Those overhead clouds are worrying me!” – Doug Lord
  • “A-Frame Home For sale. Fixer-upper.” – Tom. S.
  • “Cirque du Soleil present………Electro daredevil!!!!” – Claude


Thank you to everyone who participated in this months Caption Contest. I truly enjoy managing the Caption Contest and reading all your funny comments. It’s a great way to start my day, so again thank you!

Keep an eye out for this months new October Caption Contest! Remember, just because you’ve won in the past doesn’t mean you can’t win again.

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