June 2, 2021 | Angie Comer

Building Custom Reports in the TapRooT® Software

Have you ever completed an investigation and realized that you now have MORE work to do to create reports (or presentations) of your findings? Wouldn’t it be nice to just click a button and have a report generated for you?

Join Dan Verlinde (Chief Technology Officer at TapRooT®) and Angie Comer (Senior Product Manager) for their TapRooT® Global Summit Session, “Building Custom Reports in the TapRooT® Software” on Thursday, June 17th.

In this session, Dan and Angie will role play a software administrator and an investigator collaborating to design an easy-to-use software report.

Witness how:

  • A simple Word Document template can be reviewed to detect a reporting need.
  • The TapRooT® Software can be configured to store the needed data.
  • A Software template can be built dynamically and quickly.
  • A final report can be clicked and generated that bears a STRIKING resemblance to the initial template.

Feel free to bring questions about how TapRooT® can help you streamlize your reporting process.

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