October 18, 2011 | Barb Carr

Boosting Ergonomic Performance – Going Beyond Design

Strain and sprain injuries continue to plague many organizations, even after they have made extensive ergonomic design changes. What other options besides redesign are available to help address soft tissue injuries?

We’ve planned an Ergonomic and Human Performance Improvement session at the 2012 Global TapRooT® Summit to help answer this question.  Look for this session, “Ergonomic & Human Performance Improvement,” on the “Human Performance & Behavior Change” track, but no matter what track you choose you can easily add this session to your schedule (learn how).

While tool and workstation design are important for injury prevention, the missing link is often gaps in workers’ mental and physical skill sets. In our experience, a few, easily learned, principles cannot only reduce strains and sprains, they can also help change your culture.

In this session, Ron Bowles will demonstrate:

• “Personal Ergonomics”: Sampling of critical mental and physical skills and actions for turning around safety and ergonomic performance

• Methods for sustaining/anchoring skills and actions to develop default, positive automatic pilots,

• Organizational strategies that have proven to cut strains and sprains up to 75%

• How to create a Personal Ergonomic culture – energizing engagement, creating positive change and performance, while reducing complacency and hidden at-risk actions

Ronald Bowles

Ron Bowles has worked over 25 years in Safety – first as a hands-on, Safety manger for a manufacturing plant; later as a Behavioral Based Safety consultant, putting into practice and fine-tuning BBS implementations. For the last six years Ron has served as the Director of Operations for SSA/MoveSMART®.

Ron’s emphasis at SSA/MoveSMART® has been on developing and sustaining implementations of the practical MoveSMART® systems for preventing strains/sprains, slips/trips/falls, and hand injuries. The following companies, and many more, are successfully using these systems: Alcoa, American Airlines, American Electric Power, Amtrak, Avon, Bell Helicopter, BHP Billiton, Boeing, BMW, BP, Dynegy, Freeport-McMoran, General Cable, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Michelin, Nissan, Pfizer, Premier Power Ireland, RockTenn, Southern Nuclear, Textron, Tucson Electric Power, United Airlines, U.S. Steel, Vestas, Xerox, and many others in over 60 countries.

Ron has written articles on elevating safe actions and skills, which have appeared in Occupational Health & Safety and Professional Safety. Ron has also been interviewed for and featured in the National Safety Council’s Safety+Health magazine.

Ron has keynoted and presented at numerous national and regional conferences, as well as at many corporate and trade conferences. Ron uses a variety of effective learning tools to involve, inspire, and engage audiences, resulting in learning that “sticks.”

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