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Book 4: Using TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis for Major Investigations

Book 4: Major Investigations

New Book for Investigating Major Accidents

You may be familiar with the history of the TapRooT® Books (shown above, read about the history HERE), but do you know what’s in the new Book 4?

Book 4 Contents

CHAPTER 1: Major Investigations vs Basic Investigations

CHAPTER 2: The TapRooT® 7-Step Major Investigation Process

  1. 2.1  Phase 1, Step 1 – Plan Your Investigation
  2. 2.2  Phase 2, Step 2 – What Happened? (Sequence of Events)
  3. 2.3  Phase 3, Step 3 – Define Causal Factors 
  4. 2.4  Phase 3, Step 4 – Analyze Each Causal Factor’s Root Causes
  5. 2.5  Phase 3, Step 5 – Analyze Each Root Cause’s Generic Causes
  6. 2.6  Phase 4, Step 6 – Develop Fixes
  7. 2.7  Phase 5, Step 7 – Present/Report for Approval

Chapter 3: Step 1: Plan Your Investigation

  1. 3.1  Start with a SnapCharT®
  2. 3.2  Optional Planning Tools – Root Cause Tree® and Equifactor®
  3. 3.3  What Should Your Plan Look Like?

Chapter 4: Step 2: Determine What Happened

  1. 4.1  Using a SnapCharT® Diagram to Collect, Display, and Understand What Happened
  2. 4.2  Information Collection Optional Techniques
  3. 4.3  Equifactor® Troubleshooting
  4. 4.4  CHAP
  5. 4.5  Change Analysis

Chapter 5: Step 3: Define Causal Factors

5.1 Three-Question Method for Identifying Causal Factors

Chapter 6: Step 4: Analyze Each Causal Factor’s Root Causes

Chapter 7: Step 5: Analyze Each Root Cause’s Generic Causes

Chapter 8: Step 6: Develop Fixes

  1. 8.1  General Guidance for Effective Fixes
  2. 8.2  Using Corrective Action Helper® Guide/Module
  3. 8.3  Using Safeguard Analysis to Develop Fixes
  4. 8.4  SMARTER
  5. 8.5  Developing Fixes
  6. 8.6  An Example of an Effective Fix

Chapter 9: Step 7: Present/Report for Approval

  1. 9.1  Getting to Yes
  2. 9.2  Making an Oral Presentation
  3. 9.3  Writing an Incident Report
  4. 9.4  Make a Movie
  5. 9.5  That’s It!

Appendix A: Collect and Preserve Evidence

Appendix B: SnapCharT® Manual

Appendix C: Root Cause Tree® User’s Manual

APPENDIX D: Safeguard Analysis Manual 

Appendix E: Equifactor® Troubleshooting Manual

Appendix F: CHAP Manual

Appendix G: Change Analysis Manual

Appendix H: How TapRooT® Works Review

Purpose of Book 4

Book 4 describes how to investigate major incidents/accidents and find their root causes as fast and efficiently as possible with credible results and effective corrective actions.

The book Using TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis for Major Investigations features an in-depth look at the techniques used to perform a TapRooT® Investigation. It also comes with the Root Cause Tree® Diagram, the Root Cause Tree® Dictionary, and Corrective Action Helper® Guide.

Book 4 set

Changing the way the World Solves Problems … that is what the TapRooT® System is all about. The TapRooT® System provides people the science to find and fix the causes of human error and equipment failure – whether it is reactively simple low to medium risk incidents or investigating major accidents (the topic of this book); or proactively improving performance by using the TapRooT® Techniques to find and fix a problem’s root causes before an accident occurs.

Purchase Your Copy

Book 4 is included in the 5-Day TapRooT® Advanced Root Cause Analysis Team Leader Course. You can buy the book (that comes with the latest Dictionary, Root Cause Tree®, and TapRooT® Corrective Action Helper® Guide) by CLICKING HERE.


Or you can by the set of Books 3 and 4 by CLICKING HERE.

Picture of TapRooT® Investigation Essentials AND Major Investigations Book Set

Or the complete TapRooT® 10 book set by CLICKING HERE.

Picture of TapRooT® Complete Book Set (Books 1-10)
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