December 20, 2023 | Marcus Miller

7 Major Benefits of Attending TapRooT® Team Leader Training

team leader training

TapRooT® Team Leader Training is a 5-day course that prepares you to investigate low-to-medium risk incidents, precursor incidents (near-misses) and major accidents. Here are the seven top benefits of pursuing a certificate of training.

Number 1: Your organization needs someone with the knowledge and skills to protect and mature an effective, evidence-driven incident investigation and improvement program. Every improvement program needs a driver. It needs a champion to ensure there is a measurable return on investment. When you have the Advanced TapRooT® Skills, you will be able to steer your TapRooT® Program to the most rewarding areas of improvement. You’ll be able to lead sensitive investigations and learning opportunities. You will be able to lead peer reviews to help your TapRooT® Team improve over time. And you’ll be able to present essential information to senior management that they will use to guide the organization to improved performance.

Number 2: In the advanced training, you will learn both the techniques for investigating simple incidents and the advanced techniques used for major investigations. It’s important, not to mention quick and easy, to apply the TapRooT® Tools to simple problems. I’m sure you’ve all seen how little problems can line up wrong one day and cause a major incident. If you take care of those simple problems as they occur, you have continuous improvement and reduced future risk. Applying the TapRooT® Tools helps you use hard evidence to select and eliminate the root causes of poor human performance or equipment reliability issues as they come up. Every single investigation should lead to continuous improvement.

Number 3: Improving your ability to interview and gather the critical evidence needed for a successful RCA is an objective of Advanced TapRooT® Training. You’ll learn techniques to help people remember crucial information. You’ll learn how best to set up interviews so the interviewee is comfortable giving you the critical information you need instead of trying to protect themselves or coworkers from blame and punishment.

Number 4: Learning how to perform effective change analysis is an objective so you can find the differences between how a task was done successfully in the past and how it was done the day things went wrong. Those differences need to be documented and used in your RCA.

Number 5: Learning how to perform effective Critical Human Action Profiling is another objective so you can identify the differences between how a task is supposed to be completed and how it was completed the day it went wrong. Those differences should be documented. That is critical evidence you’ll need when analyzing and finding the root causes of the failure.

Number 6: You learn how to effectively apply the TapRooT® Equipment Reliability Tool, Equifactor®. Equifactor® will help you identify the possible causes of equipment failures so you can select and eliminate those potential root causes based on the evidence you collect during your investigation. Equifactor® also helps you create a database of failure modes and failure agents, so every investigation doesn’t have to start from the beginning.

Number 7: Practice, practice, practice for guaranteed proficiency. During the Advanced TapRooT® Team Leader Training, you’ll practice using all the techniques and apply the TapRooT® Methodology and Tools in exercises and to a real-world incident. We ask that you bring a prior investigation or learning event with you. Our last exercise will have groups take those real-world incident investigations through the TapRooT® Process to help pull out any final questions you may not know you have until you apply the TapRooT® Tools to a real incident. It also gives the instructor a chance to provide final coaching for proficiency. You’ll be able to hit the ground running as soon as you leave training. Your first investigation report will give your management team the confidence that you investigated the incident well, you identified the problems that need solving, you found the root causes of each problem using hard evidence, and your corrective actions are measurable so you can verify that they were implemented correctly and validate that they were effective in eliminating the problems.

In summary,

  • empowering your leaders with training
  • fixing big and small problems
  • improving investigative interviewing skills
  • learning the change analysis technique to collect better information
  • learning task analysis (Critical Human Action Profile)
  • understanding there are better ways to troubleshoot equipment problems
  • being prepared for anything and everything that may happen at your facility

is a powerful list of reasons to register for this training.

If you would like to see some of the TapRooT® Techniques and Tools, contact me,, and I’ll be happy to schedule a TapRooT® Briefing and Demonstration over a web meeting.

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