August 1, 2016 | Ken Reed

Bearing Failures: Keep Them Clean!

Contaminated Bearing

According to the chart below, almost half of all pump bearing failures are due to lubricant contamination.  In the chart, you can probably add the “Corrosion” cause to this, since bearing corrosion is most likely due to a poorly sealed bearing.

Failure Chart

Credit: SKF

Heinz Bloch has written a great article on the importance of keeping up with bearing seal technology. He notes that only 10% of rolling-element bearings ever reach their expected end of life. While we seem to put a lot of effort into ensuring we have the right bearings with the proper lubrication, we then do a poor job of maintain those bearings. Imagine if your bearings actually lasted until the calculated end of life!

Heinz Bloch will be leading 2 sessions at our Global TapRooT® Summit in San Antonio this week. I always look forward to his talks!!

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