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Authenticity vs. Perfection – Three Strategies for Sales Pitches

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Vincent Phipps will teach a special 2-Day Pre-Summit course this year at our 2023 Global TapRooT® Summit. We couldn’t be more excited about this course. Vincent has always been one of our top-rated speakers when he comes to our Summits. This is why we are so pleased to have him teach us a special 2-Day course.

What makes Vincent so unique is his passion for improving the lives of others through communication skills. His high energy, expertise, and interactive style makes his talk engaging and fun. This is a can’t miss 2-Day session. To learn more about the course, click on the button below. Continue Reading to view a snippet of what you can learn.

You Are In Sales, Even If You’re Not!

By Vincent Ivan Phipps, M.A., CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)

But I’m not in sales!”  This is the response when professionals are asked about improving their sales presentations. Let’s face it; sales is another way of saying “influence” or “persuasion.” Are you in the “Influence” or the “Persuasion” industry? Of course, you are. Regardless of your title, job role, or field of expertise, we all want to be engaging, interesting, valuable, and convincing.

Forget overthinking your job, or your future frees you from having to provide value. Forget “sales is not my job” as part of your professional ideology. Know that if you negotiate a deal, that’s sales. Know that when you are pitching a new idea, that’s sales. Know that when you ask for a raise, that’s sales. Even when you ask for a date, or permission, or try to sway someone’s opinion, it’s all sales!

Three Strategies for Sales Pitches

Here are three strategies to improve your sales pitches (of any kind).

ONE: Parallel their pain. Know what issues others are experiencing. For example, are they needing more of something or less of something? Do they need suggestions or solutions? Are they addressing a new problem or a recurring problem? Doing investigative research or asking questions before the formal presentation can give you leverage in your delivery.

TWO: Solve their stress. Avoid just stating their problem. Avoid overanalyzing their situation. Avoid telling them what they should have done. Instead, offer a resolution. People will feel chastised if you only point out their mistakes. Give them a reason to say yes to your presentation by providing them with a solution to the problems that are addressed.

THREE: Align your expertise. Your years of experience, degrees, and certifications only matter to you and the frames that hold the paper! What do your audiences care about if your education cannot solve their problem? In sales, your background can bring value, but it has to be relevant. Parlay through storytelling how your experiences have prepared you to address and resolve their needs.

Regardless of how you define “sales” if you are reading this article, you likely are a professional leader in your industry that understands the impact of providing value. When you have a desired outcome, practice these three strategies during your following communication situation. Get prepared for a life of having more significant influence.

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