February 22, 2024 | Mark Paradies

AT&T Wireless Service Outage

Yes, I had an AT&T Outage on Thursday Morning

This morning, I was trying to call my wife. The call wouldn’t go through.

I looked at my phone, and instead of the normal display of bars, it said – SOS.

SOS? Was something wrong with the world? Was someone trying to tell me something?

When I got to work, I asked someone if their phone said SOS. They said no, but they had Verizon service. However, they had heard that AT&T was having an outage.

I turned on calling with WiFi.

Later in the day, my service came back on. Then, I saw press coverage about the outage. They said that the cause was “unknown.”

Maybe it is time to apply some advanced root cause analysis to analyze the outage and find and fix its root causes?

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