February 28, 2023 | Mark Paradies

Apparent Cause Analysis Done the Right Way! (Book & Training)

Apparent Cause Analysis

Using the Essential TapRooT® Techniques to Perform Apparent Cause Analysis

If you are in the nuclear industry, you have probably read my rant: The Curse of Apparent Cause Analysis (Updated). It compares Root Cause Analysis to Apparent Cause Analysis and explains why Apparent Cause Analysis is a curse.


The curse has been lifted!

Why? Because we published Book 3, which describes how to use TapRooT® RCA for low-to-moderate risk incidents. And this way of using TapRooT® RCA is perfect for Apparent Cause Analysis!

What’s in the book?


Here’s the Table of Contents …

Chapter 1: When is a Basic Investigation Good Enough?

Chapter 2: How to Investigate a Fairly Simple Problem Using the Basic Tools of the TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis System

  • Find Out What Happened & Draw a SnapCharT®
  • Decision: Stop or More to Learn?
  • Find Causal Factors Using Safeguard Analysis
  • Find Root Causes Using the Root Cause Tree® Diagram
  • Develop Fixes Using the Corrective Action Helper Module
  • Optional Step: Find and Fix Generic Causes
  • What is Left Out of a Basic Investigation to Make it Easy?

Chapter 3: Comparing the Results of a 5-Why Investigation to a Basic TapRooT® Investigation

Appendix A: Quick Reference: How to Perform a Basic TapRooT® Investigation

PLUS, you receive an up-to-date TapRooT® Root Cause Tree® Diagram, Dictionary, and Corrective Action Helper® Guide when you purchase the book.



TapRooT® Training

Now you might ask:

“Where can I find effective training for investigating a low-to-moderate risk incident
and using TapRooT® RCA to perform Apparent Cause Analysis?”

The answer? The 2-Day TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Course. See the upcoming PUBLIC courses HERE. Or CONTACT US to schedule training at your site.

What’s in the 2-Day TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Course?


  • Class Introductions
  • TapRooT® Introduction
  • TapRooT® System Overview – What you will be learning
  • SnapCharT® Basics – Gathering Information
  • SnapCharT® Exercise
  • Causal Factors – Identifying Problems
  • Root Cause Tree® Diagram – Eliminating Blame
  • Root Cause Tree® Exercise
  • Corrective Actions – Developing Fixes


  • Software Overview
  • Practicing the Techniques
  • Generic Causes – Optional Technique
  • Causal Factors – Additional Practice
  • Reporting – Management Presentation
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Final Exercise – Putting What You’ve Learned to Work

What comes with the course?

  1. TapRooT® Essentials Book
  2. Laminated TapRooT® Root Cause Tree®
  3. TapRooT® Root Cause Tree® Dictionary
  4. Course Workbook
  5. Corrective Action Helper® Guide

Upon completion of the course, attendees will receive a certificate of completion and a 90-Day Subscription to TapRooT® Personal Software, our dynamic cloud-based software that guides you through the TapRooT® process with ease and efficiency.

Don’t wait! These courses do fill up and you need this advanced training to learn from low-to-medium risk incidents (Precursor Incidents) to prevent major accidents.

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