May 25, 2022 | Mark Paradies

Another Major Navy Accident

Sub USS Connecticut Hits “Submerged Object”

This isn’t the first time that a submarine hit a sea mountain. On January 8, 2005, the USS San Francisco hit a sea mountain under similar conditions. One sailor died. The picture above is the result of the collision of the USS San Francisco with a sea mountain.

An investigation of the USS San Francisco’s collision was conducted and despite the Commanding Officer’s otherwise excellent record, he was relieved of command.

Repeat Failures

As a former officer in the US Navy, I’m not anti-Navy. However, I am anti-bad root cause analysis that leads to subsequent repeat accidents and unnecessary fatalities.

If the corrective actions from one accident fail to prevent a second accident, that may indicate a problem with the previous accident’s root cause analysis and corrective actions. Introspection should lead the second investigation to look at the failure of the first investigation.

This isn’t the first time that repeat incidents in the US Navy have indicated inadequate root cause analysis and corrective actions. There are too many articles about previous incidents in this blog to post links to all the articles here (dozens of articles). And I saw nothing in the current investigation (CLICK HERE) that looked at why the corrective actions for the collision of the USS San Francisco with a sea mountain (under what seems to be similar circumstances) didn’t prevent the current USS Connecticut collision with a sea mountain.

How long did it take from one serious accident until the next? 2021-2005 = 16 years. If this investigation doesn’t produce effective corrective actions, how long will we wait intil the next collision with a sea mountain?

Other Information

For conspiracy theorists, here are several reports and YouTube videos that cast doubt on the truthfulness of US Government reports.

Did bed bugs contribute to the accident? (Click here and here.)

Did the sub strike some kind of Chinese defense measure or another sub?

Believe what you want but the comments about not learning from previous investigations reflect the official version of the story, not the secret mission or bug infestation version of the story.

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