August 9, 2022 | Barb Carr

Why You Should Register for the 2023 Summit Advanced TapRooT® Skills Track

Advanced TapRooT® Skills

If you do TapRooT® Incident Investigations, you’ll be interested in what’s planned for the Advanced TapRooT® Skills Track. This track was created with experienced TapRooT® Investigators like you in mind. Join track leader, Barb Carr, and take what you know, build upon it, and gain the skills you need to maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment.

advanced investigation skills

Advanced TapRooT® Skills Track Best Practice Sessions

There is so much packed into each session! If you are not using the TapRooT® App, you will be by the end of the week. Learn better evidence collection techniques using TapRooT® Tools and how to manage conversations in an interview more effectively. Solve organizational challenges with learning teams. Get better at identifying a common problem that contributes to human errors: fatigue, and learn from other experienced TapRooT® Users.

Here are the sessions we have planned:

Session 1
Using the TapRooT® App – First Step in an Investigation | Dan Verlinde & Angie Comer

Session 2
3 Skills to Take Your Investigations to the Next Level | Barb Carr

Session 3
Using TapRooT® to Improve Learning Teams | Alex Paradies

Session 4
Sharing Investigation & RCA Best Practices | Tim Diggs

Session 5
Change Analysis Exercise | Justin Clark

Session 6
TapRooT® Users’ Success Stories | Jason Dalen & Vincent Vincek, Facilitator – Ken Reed

Session 7
Building a Roadmap to Success | Rick Hulse

Session 8
Building a Custom Report | Angie Comer

Session 9
The Intelligent Investigator – Affective Techniques for Effective Results | Emily Pritt

Take your problem-solving skills to the next level by registering for this track.

Join me at the fabulous Margaritaville Resort!

What better way to learn than in the relaxing atmosphere of a popular resort? Register before February 2023 to be entered in our prize drawing (this is one of MANY prize drawings at the Summit). Don’t forget to check out our keynote speaker line-up and plans for our Wednesday night reception.

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