February 13, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Accident Investigation – How Long Should It Take?

A deadly mine accident in Kazakstan – the “commission” investigating the accident issues a preliminary report in 18 days. They found a “likely cause” and issued 18 recommendations to improve safety.

The BP Texas City Refinery explodes killing 15. The CSB issues a final report after 3 years. (They did issue preliminary reports and make several improvement suggestions prior to the final report.)

A bridge over the Mississippi River collapses in Minnesota. Six months later the NTSB says that they don’t know the root cause.

How long should an accident investigation take?

Are we being served by reports that come out years after fatal accidents?

Are politicians and company officials waiting for these slow reports before taking action? Or id a report years later too little too late?

What should we be doing “in the mean time” if investigations take years to complete.

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Root Cause Analysis
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