January 12, 2023 | Susan Napier-Sewell

A Picture of Success from Sanjay Gandhi’s Virtual TapRooT® Course

Sanjay Virtual Course

TapRooT® Instructor Sanjay Gandhi is a rock star TapRooT® Instructor for Africa and Western Asia, with years (he doesn’t look it, though) of experience in corporate health, safety, and environmental consulting, auditing, and training.

You may be wondering what was in the Virtual 3-Day TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Course taught by Sanjay. The Virtual 3-Day TapRooT® RCA Course focuses on the essential TapRooT® Techniques needed to investigate precursor incidents. The 5-Step investigation process simplifies the TapRooT® System to make the investigation efficient yet effective. The training focuses on understanding what happened, identifying Causal Factors, analyzing the Causal Factors using the Root Cause Tree®, and developing effective fixes using the Corrective Action Helper® Guide.

Sanjay tells us that the class did really well with SnapChart®s and learning how to use TapRooT® tools to solve problems.

Post-Course Investigation Coaching

After the course is complete, students can schedule an approximately 30-minute long review of their first application of the TapRooT® System to investigate an incident or to perform an audit.

A TapRooT® Expert (usually the instructor) will review the student’s SnapCharT®, Causal Factors, root causes (use of the Root Cause Tree®, and corrective actions (use of the Corrective Action Helper®). The student can ask questions and will receive advice to improve the future use of the TapRooT® System in investigations.

We have found that this review and coaching is very valuable and provides one more virtual face-to-face learning opportunity after the information from the course has been allowed to sink in and then be applied in a real-world situation.

About Sanjay Gandhi

As a Certified TapRooT® Instructor since 2004, Sanjay has served as Chairman of the Kenya Occupational Safety and Health Association, as well as the Kenya Petroleum Sector Environment Committee. He has a B.S. in Civil/Structural/Environmental Engineering.

Circumstances can crop up anywhere at any time if proper and safe sequence and procedures are not planned and followed

We encourage you to learn and use the TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis System to find and fix problems. Register for one of our TapRooT® RCA courses.

We offer a basic 2-Day Course and an advanced 5-Day Course. You may also contact us about having a course at your site. If you need help, reach out at (865) 539-2139.

Interested in virtual TapRooT® Training? Preview virtual selections and choose what’s best for your team.

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