August 31, 2011 | Barb Carr

A New Generation is Changing the Way the World Solves Problems

Kim M. Aul, Senior Manager, Quality Systems, General Dynamics Ordnance & Tactical Systems reports that there is a new “generation out there waiting to be taught the basics of root cause analysis to use in their everyday lives.”

Meet Grace, age five:

Grace’s mom, Karen, attended TapRooT® training and brought her course materials home to review.  When she looked for them later that evening, they were gone. She found them in her daughter’s room with Grace poring over them.  When Karen asked what she was doing, Grace replied, “You know I love to read mom and these are wonderful books!”  TapRooT® book authors, Mark Paradies and Linda Unger are very impressed!

Karen didn’t have the heart to take the training materials away, and let Grace read through the TapRooT® books before she brought them back to work.

We think Miss Grace is an inspiring addition to the TapRooT® team!


Note from Editor: Grace’s photo was published with permission.  This photo may not be electronically copied or reprinted.  Thank you.

Root Cause Analysis
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