July 3, 2012 | Barb Carr

5 Questions Your Employees Are Asking – Are You Answering Them?

Hiring is only half the battle. Once your employees have been working for you a while they begin to wonder a few things. You can help them excel when you answer these questions.

In a recent article, Fred Holloway of Holloway Human Resource Management & Consulting outlines and answers outlines 5 questions your employees are asking – and how to answer them.

1. What is expected of me?

“People need to know how their job contributes.” –W. Edwards Deming

Let your employees know your overall business vision and their role in fulfilling it. They’ll gain a greater sense of purpose to drive their efforts, knowing that they make a difference.

2. How am I doing?

Holloway writes, “Often, employees only hear from their bosses when they make a mistake.” If you’re a TapRooT® User, you’re well aware of the detriments of a blame-oriented culture like this. Yes, it is important to address problems in a timely, honest, and respectful manner. Holloway also writes, however, that we should praise employees for their successes.

Dr. Beverly Chiodo, in her speech at our 2012 Summit, takes praise step further: Praise the underlying character traits that your employee shows in his or her efforts, such as attentiveness, compassion, determination, and resourcefulness. Your employee is more likely to repeat positive traits and behaviors when you praise them.

3. Where do I stand?

Holloway advises you to give performance reviews at least once a year. Employees want to know your thoughts on their accomplishments, opportunities for growth, and professional development.

4. How can I improve?

As a TapRooT® User, you’re an expert at developing effective corrective actions for the root causes you find. Similarly, it’s advisable to work with your employee to develop a plan of improvement for their professional development. You are more likely to communicate your goals and your employee is more likely to carry them out.

5. How can I grow and challenge myself?

“Without the opportunity to learn and grow, [employees] may lose their spark and focus,” writes Holloway.  He suggests “re-recruiting” your employees, reminding them why you hired them in the first place and regain that original excitement from the original hire.

Just as you improve employee & equipment performance using TapRooT®, you can improve employee morale, drive, and retention when you manage well and answer these questions for them.

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