June 27, 2024 | Anne Roberts

4th of July Safety Tips

Around 13,000 people are treated for injuries in the ER every year due to mishandling or misfiring fireworks. Also, approximately $20 million in property damage claims are made because people do not take the necessary precautions to prevent fires when shooting fireworks. So, ensuring you have a fun and safe 4th of July is worth the time and effort.

4th of July Safety Tips

To make sure you or a loved one doesn’t end up in a hospital or have their house burnt down, follow these simple 4th of July safety tips. You want to avoid making the local news headlines!

Outdoor Safety

  • Apply and reapply sunscreen.
  •  Wear protective apparel when participating in outdoor activities.
  •  Stay hydrated.
  •  NEVER leave children alone or unattended around a body of water.
  •  Teach children essential water safety tips.
  •  Wear a life vest when boating and jet skiing.
  •  Be aware of bonfires and fire pits.
  •  Before kids play outdoors in a playground or other outdoor toys, check for bees, wasps, nests, snakes, and other dangerous critters.
  •  Check the local weather and be prepared for storms and high heat.

Firework Safety

  • Make sure you follow local laws/ordinances when handling fireworks.
  •  Have a fire extinguisher, a bucket of water, and charged water hose nearby.
  •  Assign a responsible and SOBER adult to supervise all fireworks activities.
  •  DO NOT give fireworks to children.
  •  When shooting fireworks, make sure you stay away from vehicles, structures, brushes, leaves, or any flammable substance.
  •  Make sure your pets are in a safe and secure space before shooting fireworks.
  •  Never attempt to relight a “dud” firework.

Food Safety

  • Don’t leave perishable foods in the hot sun. Keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot.
  •  Never leave an active grill unattended.
  •  Use your grill out in the open. Never use a grill under porches/overhangs or close to any flammable structure.
  •  Keep pets and children away from open flames/hot grills.
  •  Cover your food and protect it from insects.

Happy 4th of July!

Following these tips can help ensure you have a fun and safe holiday for yourself, your family, and your pets.

So, have fun, be safe, and if there is an emergency, don’t hesitate to call 9-1-1.

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