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2022 Global TapRooT® Summit – Face-to-Face or Virtual

Face-to-Face with a Virtual Option

2022 Global TapRooT® Summit
May 2-6 – Knoxville, TN

We had planned to have a regular face-to-face Summit this year. But we’ve had several people from continents outside North America tell us that their company still won’t allow travel because of COVID. And they begged us to let them attend virtually. Therefore, we decided that we will have a face-to-face Summit with a virtual option for those that face travel restrictions.

Face-to-Face is Preferred

As you know, we worked very hard to make last year’s virtual attendees feel like they were at the Summit live and in person. This included picking the best virtual platform (Whova), including virtual participants in the Name Game, using text chat and a moderator so that virtual participants could ask the speakers questions, and even having a virtual happy hour. We will do all of these things and more at this year’s Summit. But no matter how hard we try, we just can’t duplicate the experience of attending the Summit live and in person.

Therefore, even though we will allow virtual attendance this year, we would prefer to have everyone from North America (and any European, Asian, or Oceana participants who can travel) attend the Summit in person. We will have all speakers present in person (no virtual presenters) and thus make in-person attendance even better.

Tennessee hasn’t had any COVID restrictions since last Summer. No state mask requirements. No vaccine passports. No social distancing. Some doctor’s offices and federal buildings still have mask requirements. However, by the time you fly to the Summit, you won’t have to wear a mask on the plane. In Tennessee and across the country, things seem to be returning to normal.

Therefore, we don’t see attending the Summit in person as an experience any riskier than going to the grocery store or attending a sporting event.

And the benefits of attending the Summit are well proven. They include:

  • Learning best practices that can save lives, reduce injuries, and make any improvement program better.
  • Meeting new, valuable contacts and refreshing your connections with other TapRooT® Users.
  • Getting motivated to make your improvement program even better and more effective.
  • Getting your improvement team motivated and on track to make your improvement initiatives sizzle.
  • Learning from the mistakes of others so that your company can avoid them.
  • Getting your senior executives excited about your improvement program. (Yes, your senior executives should attend.)
  • Having fun and starting to live a normal life after two years of COVID restrictions.

And by all reports, it is much easier to achieve all of these benefits when you, your team, and your senior executives attend the Summit in person.

So, on a risk versus benefit basis, I think it is a no-brainer that you should be at the Summit in person. But, I understand if you evaluate the risk differently for your personal situation or if your company or country doesn’t allow travel outside the borders.

Last year we had about 50% of the participants in person and 50% virtual. This year we hope to have 80% or more of the participants in person and 20% or less virtually. We hope you will help us make this happen by registering for the in-person option.

Registering for the Summit

Choosing in-person or virtual attendance is easy when you register for the Summit.

The picture above shows the first registration page. Just click the “in person” or the “virtual” checkbox and you’ve made your choice.

CLICK HERE to start the registration process.

Pre-Summit Courses – Virtual Only, Hybrid, or In-Person Only

When you register for a pre-Summit Course (May 2-3) and the Summit (May 4-6) at the same time, you SAVE $200 of the price of a separate registration.

Alex teaching the Stopping Human Error Course
Alex teaching the Stopping Human Error Course

Which courses are in-person only, virtual-only, or hybrid (in person or virtual)? See the course list below…

Virtual Only

In-Person Only


Bring Your Team and Save

That’s right. You can SAVE up to $600 per person when you bring a team to their choice of a pre-Summit Course and the Summit. Get valuable training and the benefits of the Summit for your whole team at a discount. And don’t forget to get key senior executives to register and save even more.

Don’t wait. The Summit is rapidly approaching. We look forward to seeing you there!

Ken & Steph at 2021 Summit
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