May 23, 2018 | Mark Paradies

Why is TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Software the Best Choice?

Best Root Cause Analysis Software

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If you are looking for the best root cause analysis software, here are some things to consider:

  1. How the software works is important, but the root cause analysis system that the software uses is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT part of picking your software. No matter how well a bad root cause tool is implemented in software … it is still a bad root cause analysis tool. Therefore, you should look for a world-class root cause analysis tool.
  2. It’s all in the cloud, baby! The days of software just working on one operating system are over. Now your software should be cloud-based and available on a multitude of devices. Mac or PC, laptop or tablet, even phones should be supported.
  3. Able to connect with other software. Does the software play well with others? The root cause analysis software should be able to connect with other ESHQ (Environment, Safety, Health, Quality), human resources, or performance monitoring systems.
  4. Custom reports. Reports the way that you and your management want them. Easy to develop and save. No special software required.
  5. Trends. Advanced trending techniques that help you measure and predict performance.

Sounds great. But where can you find these features? The TapRooT® Version VI Software (of course).

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First Reason to Pick TapRooT® Software

First, the TapRooT® VI Software is based on the world-class TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis System. If you don’t know why TapRooT® stands head and shoulders above other root cause systems, you should attend our 5-Day TapRooT® Advanced Root Cause Analysis Team Leader Training and find out. Learn to use SnapCharT® to investigate what happened and organize your evidence. Use Equifactor® to troubleshoot equipment failures. Use Safeguard Analysis to find all the Causal Factors. Use the Root Cause Tree® to find the real, fixable causes of human performance and equipment issues. and use the Corrective Action Helper® Module to develop effective fixes.

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Second Reason to Pick TapRooT® Software

Second, TapRooT® VI Software is cloud-based. You can subscribe as an individual; you can host the TapRooT® VI Software on your network, or we can host the software for your whole company. TapRooT® VI is device-independent. Mac, tablet, smartphone. No problem. CONTACT US for more information.

Third Reason to Pick TapRooT® Software

Third, TapRooT® VI Software has an API. This allows for easy connections to other software. Talk to our IT guys to find out more. Call 865-357-0080 or CLICK HERE.

Fourth Reason to Pick TapRooT® Software

Fourth, need a custom report? No problem when you are using TapRooT® VI Software. Have a look at this link to get some ideas …

Fifth Reason to Pick TapRooT® Software

Fifth, we have been teaching advanced trending techniques for 20 years and they are built into the TapRooT® VI Software. Here’s a short video on exporting trending data to Excel.

More Reasons to Pick TapRooT® Software

But there is more to consider when picking your root cause analysis software. Consider this:

How good is the training?

How good is the software support?

TapRooT® Training is highly rated by students around the world. See samples of what they have to say HERE.

What about our software support? Outstanding! Our knowledgeable support staff is happy to help you figure things out.

Get More Info About TapRooT® Software

Want more information about TapRooT® VI Software? Let’s do an online demo. CONTACT US to learn more.

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