January 4, 2023 | Anne Roberts

Top 4 Reasons to Attend the Safety Improvement Track

The Safety Improvement Track is for those who want fresh ideas and better results from their safety programs. We’ll be hearing Success Stories from TapRooT® Users, including how they’ve pushed past the “safety plateau” to reach new, improved levels of safety performance. Here are four reasons why you should attend the Safety Improvement Track.

  1. Achieve high reliability,
  2. Improve investigations and RCA,
  3. Learn how fatigue affects safety and human performance
  4. Process safety programs fail

You will also develop a plan to improve your safety program when you return to work from the Summit.

So, if you want to improve your safety programs to get world-class results, this is your track!

Can’t Miss Safety Track Sessions!

Air Canada Maintenance – Using TapRooT® to Drive Culture Change

What is the best way to fully implement TapRooT® at your company? What steps need to be taken to ensure excellent results? Air Canada Maintenance has taken the lead on fully integrating TapRooT® into their improvement programs. The resulting employee engagement and the ability to eliminate repeat failures have been impressive.

When Process Safety Fails

Many of the problems we encounter in life are the ones that we personally make. Nowhere is the facto more prevalent than at work, where our production assets perform according to our maintenance and operating choices. This session uses TapRooT® to analyze 2 of history’s most significant process safety failures: the 1984 toxic chemical release in Bhopal, India, and the 1989 chemical plant explosion in Pasadena, TX. This analysis reveals how our biggest problems often come about as we try to solve the little ones. by participating in this session, you will learn how TapRooT® can be used to:

  1. Avoid counterproductive corrective actions
  2. Focus on failure data to improve process safety and efficiency
  3. Promote the benefits of solving, rather than managing, problems

TapRooT® Users’ Success Stories

In this session, TapRooT® users Jason Dalen and Vincent Vincek will present their success stories and how TapRooT® was used to achieve those successes.

Powering Lives – Speaker: Vincent Vincek

Using TapRooT® as the backbone of the Human and Organizational performance improvement process, in this session, we will map out the roadmap that ComEd – Exelon used to achieve and sustain continuous performance improvement over the past decade. Vincent will show how the organization capitalized on learning from incidents and opportunities and how these learnings were implemented and profoundly impacted and improved day-to-day operations.

Developing Countermeasures for Major Incidents – Speaker: Jason Dalen

What is the difference between a countermeasure and a solution? “Solution” implies an end to the problem. Countermeasures continue to performance improvement journey. In this session, Jason will explore using TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis on major incidents and how to develop lasting countermeasures.

Are You Interested In Attending?

If you are interested in attending the Safety Improvement Track, visit our registration page to register for this track. If you sign up before February of 2023, you will be entered into our Early Bird Registration Contest, where you can have the chance to win a fabulous prize.

As the Summit approaches, keep an eye out for an email from Whova. We will use this platform to keep you updated and informed during our Pre-Summit and Summit.

Pre-Summit and Summit Location

Margaritaville 2023

Our Pre-Summit and Summit is at the exciting Margaritaville – Lake Conroe Resort • Houston, TX, on April 24 – 28, 2022. This resort has everything you need for a fun and informative Summit. Visit our Summit page to learn more about the 2023 Pre-Summit, Summit, and Margaritaville Resort.

Want to learn about our other tracks? Click on the link below to view our full Summit schedule.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at reed@taproot.com.

Meet Your Track Leader

Ken Reed brings 21 years of U.S. Navy nuclear operator and supervisor experience to System Improvements, having served on numerous fast attack, ballistic missile, and research submarines. He is currently the Project Manager for the Equifactor® Equipment Troubleshooting module of the TapRooT® software, overseeing course and software updates and revisions. He holds a B.S. in Electronics Management from Southern Illinois University. He was born and raised in Watertown, NY, and resides in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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