July 26, 2023 | Mark Paradies

Time to Budget for Root Cause Investigations

executives root cause analysis

It’s Budget Time

When do you put together your budget numbers for 2024? Have you ever thought about budgeting for root cause analysis?

Do you budget for:

  • Investigator’s Time
  • Root Cause Analysis Training
  • Root Cause Analysis Software
  • Investigation Assistance
  • Independent Reviews of Investigations
  • Global TapRooT® Summit Attendance (bring a team)

If you budget for things now, then the:

“It’s not in the budget.”

excuse goes away.

We Can Help

If you need a quote for the items listed above, CONTACT US.

TapRooT® Implementation Advisors

Our Implementation Advisors are available at 865-539-2139 and will be happy to help you design a roadmap to success.

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