December 2, 2020 | Barb Carr

TapRooT® Software Users: How to Refresh Your Investigation Skills for Better Root Cause Analysis

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Do you use TapRooT® Software to conduct your investigations? Here is a simple way to refresh your investigation skills with some new knowledge. Our technical support team continually improves the capability of the software to keep up with the changing needs of the incident investigators who use it. There may be some new features that you have noticed but not used yet that can make your investigations more seamless. There may even be older features that you have not been utilizing because you are not sure how to approach them. This webinar is the perfect 90-minute investment to ensure that you are using all the TapRooT® Tools to your benefit.

What you’ll learn.

Here are the topics we’ll cover, but don’t forget to bring your most pressing questions.

  • Navigating through the 7-Step TapRooT® Investigation using the software.
  • Determining WHAT happened using the SnapCharT®.
  • Understanding WHY using the SnapCharT®, Root Cause Tree® and Root Cause Tree® Dictionary.
  • Implementing a FIX using the Corrective Action Helper®.
  • Building custom reports.
  • Learning to use the trending tools for a deeper dive into your data.

Join us!

Performing an Investigation Using the TapRooT® Software Webinar

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm EST



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